What is Dealio

Dealio is a cloud-based risk management & business intelligence platform, which allows financial institutions such as online trading brokers, investment funds and banks to monitor, identify and allocate possible risks in real-time and make critical decisions on the go.


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Why Dealio

Secure by design

Your data privacy & protection is our first priority. Dealio is using military-grade encryption to protect and secure your data.

Event Rule Engine

Dealio provides a powerful rule engine which dynamically matches any predefined rules against real-time trade activity and generates events which are sent to users in the form of notifications & alerts.

Cross Platform/Device

Dealio can run across multiple device platforms, such as iOS, Android, and the Universal Windows Platform. Furthermore Dealio is responsive by design which supports a variety of devices and window or screen sizes such as a desktop, tablet, mobile, phablet and other.

API-First Design

The API-first approach allows products to evolve into organic, self-organizing ecosystems that can grow to handle new and unforeseen demands. Dealio is using the OpenAPI specification which makes the integration with external systems extremely easy.

Smart BI/Analytics

Gain complete insight to the information that matters to your company’s future through our BI/Analytics platform. Aggregate, shape, transform and visualize your data in a couple of seconds.

Real Time

Dealio is using state-of-the-art technologies and the new http2 standard to provide blazing fast processing of events & data but also to support real-time monitoring & notifications.

Why Dealio

How it works

Dealio can connect to your external services such as trading platforms, liquidity providers, fix engines and more, with just a few clicks. Once connected to your preferable services, Dealio collects and stores any required data in a highly optimized decentralized database. That’s it! Enjoy the feature rich platform of Dealio.

What our clients think

“We are able to instantly gather detailed trading information on our exposures, as well as..”

“Dealio is an intuitive risk management tool, easy to use but with advanced capabilities..”


“Totally customizable, truly real time and scalable for Brokerages with large databases..”